Why are Oddies not involved with Veganuary 2020?


Well, put simply, we do not make products that are specifically for Vegans.

We make products that are suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences!

We believe we have something for everyone – Vegetarians, Lactose intolerant, Egg intolerant, Vegans, etc.


Over the last 115 years, we have had to adapt to many changes in our customers dietary preferences.

Over those years we have reduced sugar and salt content in many of our products. Changed the type of fats we use in order to use less saturated fat. Lard has now been removed from the vast amount of our products, in order to appeal to vegetarians (30 years ago it was in most of our bread and confectionary products).

Recently we removed the nuts from our Devon splits (purely decorative), in order to appeal to customers with nut allergens, and over the last 12 months we have substituted dairy milk for oat milk in some of our products. But not all!

With new labelling laws, to give customers more clarity. We are now highlighting these “suitable for”


The above are just a few examples of some of our historical recipe changes throughout our history. We have had to adapt to our customers changing needs over those years, and not stand still.


You cannot buy Oddies products from anywhere else.

All our recipes are unique to us.

We love them and we know exactly what they taste like!

So when we swap out an ingredient, rest assured we have tasted them, baked them, tasted them again and again. Only when we are happy that the product is still the same quality and flavour, do we release them into the shops.

We believe that is what keeps our customers loyal to us!